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COMMON HYDROGEN FUSION TO FORM Helium, Heavier Nuclei and Vast Amounts of Excess Energy. (3 Patents Pending). and one is Viewable on US Patent Site, as publication No. US-2014-0153683-A1 PUB. DATE 6 June 2014. This patent has been listed as abandoned, and International Patents Filed PCT/US2014/04095 4 June 2014 are pending..

A practical process for the fusing of common Hydrogen to form Helium, and heavier nuclei, while yielding a vast amount of thermal energy,  developed by means of experimental evidence gathered and analyzed from June 1989 until the present day. The experimental evidence is 100% repeatable.


Yet, due to their extreme bias, the nuclear physicists, who have for more than 70 years poisoned this area of science, and insist "their nuclear fusion dogma of, magnetic constriction at high temperatures, is not to be questioned by anyone, on pain of excommunication from the scientific community". Echoes of Galileo's dilemma; now all being hushed up, after literally billions, upon billions of U.S. Dollors, have been flushed down the bottomless pits of magnetic constriction from which the money and energy is never to return.


It is sad that a condition that dominated the time of Galileo, the suppression of new scientific ideas, is still with us to this "so called" modern day. Nothing has changed! Nothing!

In 1543 Copernicus published his book "De Revalutionsibus" which, solely on a theoretical basis, proposed that the Earth is not the center of the universe, which was a long held dogmatic view of the experts of the time including the dominant authority, the catholic church.

 In 1604 a Supernova flared up in the sky and was bright enough to be seen during October through November. Here was absolute, directly observable, proof that challenged the catholic church, Aristotle, and Ptolemy's doctrines of the immutability of the heavens.

In 1609 Galileo by turning his telescope to examining in detail the heavens, transformed the Copernicus argument from an intellectual debate to a debate that could be decided by objective evidence.

It is well known how these new ideas and discoveries where recieved by the day's scholars and the catholic church.

So, it is to this day, that the proof of the Fusion of Common Hydrogen to form Helium, although it exists, for all to see, is completely ignored, in the hopes it will all just disappear and not tarnish the long held faulty doctrines of the Nuclear Physicists. Also, the doctrine that chemical elements heavier than Iron are solely produced in supernovae is in great jeopardy as a consequence of the recent examination of our experimental data.


On PAGE 3 are Individual Spectrographs taken directly from common Hydrogen Fusion Reactors, during the time fusions were taking place. These spectrographs are objective proof that Helium is formed from the fusion of common Hydrogen.

***By left clicking on the induvidual spectrographic images, the images can be enlarged for more detailed viewing.***



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We are looking for Capital Funding to continue the research and development of this Fusion Process and to build within the first six months the first Sellable Common Hydrogen Fusion Reactors to produce electricty and heat for commercial and residental use. Later in conjuction with appropiate corporations to construct huge reactors for the commericial production of electricity, enough to provide electrical power for large communities.

This very unusual fusion process can produce more excess energy per gram of common Hydrogen fused, than any other fission or fusion process, simply because it can continue fusions from Helium through element atomic number 118 and beyond, with the release of excess thermal energy at each and every new fusion step.

Even in the low energy range 50 to 100 KWH this process can be used to power electric automobiles, trucks, and boats,  supplying both electrical power for electric drive motors and heat.

Larger but transportable fusion reactors can supply electrical power, heat and pure water to remote communities particularly in the arctic and antarctic environments and many other extremely Northern and Southern communities.

Desalination Plants built along the seacoast and supplied with energy from Hydrogen Fusion Systems, could supply both electrical power and huge amounts of fresh water to inland communities.

We predict that within six months of receiving research funding, we will be manufacturing small Hydrogen Fusion electrical generating systems, that will produce enough electricity and excess heat to power, heat and cool an average residental home or small business.

Here is a technology, which can supply all of the energy and fresh water needs into the most distant future, while at the same time eliminating the causes of global climate warming.

Fusing just one pound of common Hydrogen produces more energy than can be produced by burning 200 million pounds of coal


Below is the Video of What Hydrogen Fusion can Mean for the World. By Right Clicking on the Video you can enlarge the video to Full Screen. Free Servers super Techs have lost the video after it was playing here for seven yeas. After one month the super Techs have been unable to fix the problem that they created.