Spectrographs of Heavier Fusion Produced Elements 1

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Elements from Actinium to Iodine: Left Clicking on the Image enlarges the Image.

Here are the fusion produced spectrographs of the chemical elements shown in alphabetical order of their chemical names. All of these elements are formed from the common hydrogen fusion process within about 4.6 microseconds from the time of the fusion's beginning. All of the elements of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements are produced as well as all of the element's individual Isotopes. In theory elements beyond atomic number 118 are also produced, but of course those have not yet been verified.

Above: Actinium spectral lines are weak and were Not Detected

Above: Aluminum 510.752 nm

Above: Americium 499.079 nm

Above: Antimony 403.355 nm

Above: Argon

Above: Arsinic 540.813 nm

Above: Astitine Weak Lines not detected.

Above: Barium 393.572 nm & 393.34 nm

Above: Berkelium 565.654 nm

Above: Berylium 698.275 nm

Above: Bismuth 472.252 nm

Above: Boron 249.667 nm & 249.773 nm

Above: Bromine 654.809 nm

Above: Cadmium 643.847 nm

Above: Calcium (Replace)

Above: Californium 409.912 nm

Above: Carbon 658.761 nm

Above: Cerium 463.232 nm & 465.051 nm

Above: Cesium 455.5276 nm

Above: Chlorine 422.642 nm

Above: Chromium 520.604 nm

Above: Cobalt 393.597 nm & 402.09 nm

Above: Curium

Above: Copper

Above: Einsteinium 516.258 nm

Above: Dysprosium 421.318 nm

Above: Europium 605.736 nm

Above: Erbium 404.696 nm

Above: at this bandwidth Francium has only 1 spectral line intensity 1 not detected

Abpve: Florine 570.082 nm & K at 578.238 nm

Above: Gadolium 393.479 nm & 394.554 nm

Above: Gallium 639.656 nm & 641.344 nm

Above: Germanium 422.6562 nm

Above: Gold 565.577 nm

Above: Hafnium 543.57 nm & 549.73 nm

Above: Helium 492.193 nm

Above: Holmium 417.323 nm

Above: Hydrogen 383.583 nm

Above: Indium 525.432 nm & 526.274 nm

Above: Iodine 523.457 nm & 542.706 nm