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Norris Ray Peery



"You can lead a horse to water,

but you can't make it Think".






During June of 1989, My friend and I decided to investigate if there was a possibility that the Pons and Fleishman "Cold Fusion Experiments" had actually successfully caused Deuterium within solid Palladium to become nuclear fused to form Helium accompanied by the release of large amounts of thermal energy, thermal energy that exceeded by several hundred millions of times more energy than was possible by any known chemical reaction.

Of course the world's nuclear physicists, who had for nearly thirty years, been consuming multibillions of dollars at designing and constructing huge machines that might produce Helium from certain Hydrogen isotopes, went into a near hysterical rage at hearing that two electrochemists had accomplished Hydrogen fusion to form Helium using an inexpensive system, consisting of some glass bottles, Palladium metal, a direct current power supply and some wires.

The nuclear physicists of the world were almost instantly divided into two groups, one group of believers, without substantial evidence, in the reality of the Pons and Fleishmann discovery, and the other group, also without substantial evidence, in disbelieving of the Pons and Fleischmann discovery.

By 1990 both of these groups had conducted many experiments which verified or denied the Pons - Fleishmann fusion results and some members of both groups hurried to the "First Annual Conference on Cold Fusion" held in Salt Lake City, Utah, March 28 through 31 of 1990 at the Utah University Park Hotel.

The major result of the Cold Fusion Conference was that the group of disbelievers in the Cold Fusion results so effectively out numbered the believers, that members of believers group were so viciously verbally attacked by their fellow physicists that few of them could survive at the institutions where they had before been reseptfully employed. Pons and Fleishmann were so strongly and consistantly attacked by nuclear physicists, that they were driven to escape from the United States.

Thus, we have today's wonderful world of science reality, where no one dares say even one word against what is currently held as nuclear physics dogma.


We knew from examining tables that listed all of the chemical elements and all of their isotopes, certain unstable isotopes could transform by means of radioactive transmutations, and many of the transmutations from one isotope to a different chemical element took place as a result of a common process known as "Electron Capture". Electron Capture results when a nucleus is in a certain excited state and is prone to decaying by means of positive beta decay, (ejecting a posttively charged electron known as a positron), but instead of ejecting a positron, the nucleus captures one of its atom's negative orbital electrons, which is absorbed by one of the atom's nuclear protons causing the cancellation of both the proton's positive charge and the absorbed electron's negative charge, all resulting in the nuclear proton's transforming into a neutron of zero charge, thus decreasing the nuclear atomic number by one unit and becoming a different chemical element.

We understood with certainty, if we could discover a process that could controllably initiate the process of Electron Capture with a common Hydrogen nucleus, that we could produce virtual neutrons and a new, very short lived, negatively charged neutron, which we named Negatron.

When common Hydrogen's proton captures an electron, the charges of the two particles are both neutralized, and what was a hydrogen's proton has become, at least for a short time, a virtual neutron. (virtual neutron meaning it is a man made neutron) The virtual neutron having no charge is not in any way resistant to capturing a second electron, thus becoming a negatively charged Neutron, a Negatron. Negatrons , because of their unique mass and negative charge are strongly attracted to fuse with any positively charged Hydrogen protons in their nearby vacinity. Thus, a fantastic intensely powerful natural implosion of oppositely charged fusion particles takes place, of which, there is no equivalence in the natural world. All produced by an appropiate application of coulomb's law, where the particles have opposite charges. This attractive fusion reaction is so powerful as to be unresistable by any positively charged proton or any other posatively charged nucleus.

Coulomb's law: The force of attraction or repulsion between two point charges is directly proportional to the product of the charges and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Thus, F, the force between two point charges is: F=qq'/rr, where r represents the radius of charge separation and (where rr represents "r" squared) Where as the charges q and q' are of the same sign, the force exerted is repulsive and increases exponentially in repulsive force as the seperation distance between the two charges decreases. But if the charges q and q' are of different signs, then the force exerted is attractive and increases exponentially in a force of attraction as the separation radius between the two charges decreases, thus causing an instantanious and extremely powerful and ever increasing force for the fusion of two differently charged particles to take place.

If you would like to really understand the extreme differences between the coulomb force, take two super magnets and try pushing them together with the same poles facing each other, then try pushing them together with opposite poles facing each other, this example is clearly the difference between what the nuclear physicists are attempting and what we, at "Hydrogen Fusion Systems, LLC" are doing.

Of course, the scientific method of initiating controlled electron capture, took us twenty four years and many thousands of dollars and experiments to decode and understand. Yet the resulting theory of how this process is realized is not complex, but simple, elegant and powerfully predictive of the resultant reactants, all of which is scientifically verifiable and 100% repeatable.

The clear and repeatable evidence shows we are able, using very minimal amounts of fusion drive energy, to cause even common Hydrogen to fuse with Negatrons to form Helium and heavier elements, with the release of large amounts of excess energy.

Since the Helium which is produced from the Hydrogen fusion is formed as a bare positive nucleus, an alpha particle, it immediately fuses with more  Negatrons to produce a bare positively charged Lithium nucleus

The positively charged bare Lithium nucleus immediately fuses with other Negatrons to produce a bare positively charged Beryllium nucleus, and so on, with fusions taking place nearly instantly and sequentially producing all of the chemical elements of the periodic table and beyond, within about 4.6 microseconds.

The fusions of Negatrons with nearby posative nuclei, happens many times within the active period of a fusiion cycle, and may violently fuse with 7 or more Negatrons.

The final result of these fusions is the ash of the Hydrogen fusions, contains all of the chemical elements found in the natural world. The formation of all of the chemical elements within this Hydrogen fusion ash is completely verifiable. See the Spectrographs of the pages of Elements 1, Elements 2, & Elements 3, Seperate from this Web-Site we have 555 individual spectrographs of the fusion created elements.

Of course the excess thermal energy released as a result of all of these fusions to ever heavier nuclei is about 58 times more energy than can be released from the simple fusion of any Hydrogen isotopes to form Helium.

Here, we have an unsolved problem. The energy released from common Hydrogen Fusions melts and vaporizes some of the primary Aluminum Oxide components of our plasma containment systems for the reactors. These Plasma containment systems are costly and time consuming to rebuild. Calculations using the Wien Displacement Law indicate our fusion reaction is taking place at 5,500 degrees Kelvin noting the photosphere of our sun is at about 5,800 degees Kelvin.


If you understand  what has been herein presented and are interested in offering support for this experimentally proven theory, then correspond with us at the e-mail address shown on the first page of this website. But if all you can understand is that the the word  "development" was sometimes misspelled with too many "Es" You are not a scientest, and are most likely, an English Major! And everyone knows even one misspelled word will always invalidate an entire theory, completely.

Patents Pending.

On the next several pages you can view the direct evidence of the results of this fusion process. Those spectrographs are captured by a Spectrometer directly sampling the fusion generated wavelengths. We have the raw millisecond by millisecond spectral data from each of our hundreds of common Hydrogen Fusions.