Climate Warming

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It should be absolutely understood that there are no realistic solutions for solving The Climate Warming Problem, other than by replacing, the world's dominant energy systems of burning hydrocarbons and fossile carbons, with Hydrogen Fusion Systems for power generation. There are no other means of supplying the vast energy requirements of the world's populations than by, as soon as possible, beginning the transformation to Hydrogen fusion energy generating systems.

There is not, by anyone's imagination, or wildest dreams, any reasonable means of halting what will become climate change's disastrous consequences, worldwide sea coast flooding, gigantic powerful destructive atmospheric storms of all kinds including, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, torrential rains, temperature changes that freeze even to the tropics and unseasonable heat storms that penatrate to the polar regions. Such severely interrupting of established climate patterns will turn the world's bread baskets into the world's new deserts, create vast new areas where famine will plague the once prolific food producing lands. What were once deserts might become tropical swamps and tropical swamps might become deserts.

It is not only the ever increasing average temperature of the Earth that creates sever atmospheric storms, but more directly it is the great differences in energy stored within the Earth's various energy storage systems that results in devisatingly powerful waves of energy transfere between those storage systems.

The time for action is at hand, and will too soon slip to a time where Climate Warming will become irreversible. Don't listen to those who say renewable energy systems such as, solar, wind, geothermal power or nuclear fission can save us from an eminent future disaster. None of those sources of energy can even slightly begin to fulfill the huge energy requirements needed by modern populations, energy requirements that are almost exclusively supplied from the burning of hydrocarbons and fossilized carbon as coal, where millions of tons of greenhouse gases are daily injected into our already overly polluted atmosphere.

There are absolutely no other environmentally clean and powerful energy systems that can meet the energy demands of today and the future's world, other than the Hydrogen Fusion Systems, which adds no pollutants into the atmosphere and can deliver energy on an unprecedented scale, a scale larger than has ever been dreamed.

So much energy is available from Hydrogen Fusion Systems that excess energy can be used to desalinate sea water and to pump the produced fresh water inland to communities that are left high and dry by the severe climate change. Fresh water pumped inland will open up vast land areas, areas that have for all of time been hostile to settlement simply because of the lack of potable and agricultural water.

Yet here we find ourselves in a world of unending rants and raves against the agents of climate change, while those who are doing the ranting and raving, are totally blind to the only feasible solution to the enormously dangerous problems of climate change.

When those environmentalists, who are doing the most ranting and raving against climate change are contacted about the only possible solution to the climate change problem, they simply ignore what is presented to them, as if they were never contacted. It is quite clear they are more interested in having a platform for ranting and raving than they are about actually finding a workable solution to this most immediately threatening of problems. Shame on their brain washed outlook, their ignorance and blindness to any real solution to this most dangerous of problems to ever face human kind and all of the life on this planet.

For the sake of humanity wakeup to reality!