Hydrogen Fusion Experiments Log Book 3 Page 35

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Excerpt: From HYDROGEN FUSION EXPERIMENTS LOG BOOK 3 Page 35, 15 APRIL 2011 Friday,"Fe Reactor #1 70 milli Alloy-1 air atmos 041511-A spectorally examining its data, it produced a Helium line at 667.815 nm during 16 differnt acquisitions and produced a spectral Helium line at 447.147 nm during 8 different acquisiions, and produced a Helium line at 388.864 nm for 49 different acquisitions, and produced a Helium spectral line at 587.562 nm during 46 different acquisitions, and produced a Helium spectral line at 492.193 nm during 342 acquisitions, and a Helium spectral line at 501.567 nm for 20 acquisitions, and a Be line at 381.12 nm for 4 acquisitions, and a spectral line for Be at 698.474 nm for 23 acquisitions, and one K line at acquisition 110 at 578.238 nm."

This and hundreds of fusion experiments later gave conclusive proof that we had discovered a system for fusing common Hydrogen to form Helium.

Later close examination of our vast amounts of saved data from fusion experiments showed we were also producing all of the elements of the universe in about 4.6 microseconds.

And, later close examination of our data and consultations with the spectroscope manufacturer proved, we were capturing the first known images of  hard X-ray and soft coherent gamma interference patterns.